About Us

How Love Child started….

In 2013 I made my first trip to Roatan Honduras. I knew my life was forever changed! I fell in love with the island and the people and I knew serving the Islanders was part of my purpose. So the journey began and continues today. 

 In 2017 I found my biological family, the words from my father brought together the loose ends in my life. His words inspired the Love Child name!

What we are about….

Love Child wants to inspire people to love unconditionally, give generously and serve humbly.

We look forward to teaming up with you making a difference!

Thank you for your support and let’s do great things! 

Rhonda & Love Child Team


Learn more about...

The Projects

We donate 100% of the sales of every Project sold. The Project collection is updated with new items often and makes a great gift.

The Little Sprouts

The Little Sprouts is a ministry run program for kids in Roatan, Honduras, run by an islander named Estrellita. Estrellita feeds the kids mind, body and soul weekly. There are currently over 60 kids in The Little Sprout program. Love Child is one the main sponsors of Estrellita’s program. The kids are served a hot meal every week, they also receive milk and cereal to take home. The joy the kids have for Estrellita and this ministry is inspiring and moving!

Exit 157A

Making my routine travel down to the border, I pass EXIT 157A in downtown San Antonio, Texas. No matter where I travel, my heart is filled with compassion for people living on the streets, but on this particular morning tears just started flowing as I drove past EXIT 157A. I saw a man stand and stretch as the sun hit him. What are the thoughts of this man who was waking up underneath the overpass at EXIT 157A? It’s so cold! Actually, below freezing! I thought, he probably has an appreciation for simple things that most take for granted, like the sun warming him. The thoughts continued as I made my way down the road. I started looking into different programs that are already helping people on the streets, but because of the current state of the world, I decided it would be more effective to just take action. So, human to human, Love Child is going to be handing out essentials to people on the streets and you can join us by sharing love & kindness with these people. EXIT 157A will open opportunities to remind people the importance of being kind, compassionate and showing unconditional love

Food Pantry

The food pantry feeds families in need in Roatan Honduras. We are able to provide them with basic food items. This ministry is ran by Estrellita, she is an islander that has a heart for others! Job opportunities are scarce on the island now more than ever so the families are so thankful for the food and necessities.